Wednesday, March 27, 2013

A new coat of paint

It is a beautiful spring day in Georgia, 
and it has been freezing cold for the past few days, so the fact that I had arranged to paint at my cousins new home today was perfect!
We were able to open all the windows and enjoy the lovely day.

When I was growing up my cousins lived only 20 minutes away in a quaint neighborhood, it was practically my second home for years.  
Then through the years and different life circumstances they no longer had a family home in the quaint little neighborhood, 
until now.  

One of my cousins has moved back in with her family of four :) 

It was quite a surreal feeling driving back into that neighborhood after 20 years to paint her older sons room.

Here is the room before, a beautiful green color, 
but since this room was going to belong to a 4 year old sweet little boy that had a different color in his previous home, this just wasn't going to work!

So I got busy, taping off the room, one of my favorite parts of a paint job...

except when it comes to a popcorn ceiling...

This is when my daughter called me and asked when I would be home.....

So I texted her a photo of my progress,
 then she texted back and asked which one was the new color?  
Such a good question :)

Here it is after the first coat of paint!! SO much brighter already
and it matches the bedspread better too!!

This adorable little alcove is perfect for a little bookshelf and that door leads to an attic space that will one day become a FANTASTIC playroom for two sweet little boys
AND cousins to play in!!!!

Although it was a little difficult to put the tape on the ceiling it made for a beautiful finished job!!!

Here it is after THREE coats of paint, I LOVE it!!!!! It is so fresh and clean!!! 

I am looking forward to seeing how she puts it all together over the years!

Saturday, March 2, 2013

Rocking Chair Cushion Redo

My Pap Pap had made a special, one of a kind, rocking chair for my second born, back in 2003.

He was a very crafty man, 
he flew planes in World War 2, and then ran his home like a tight ship! 
He then drove a school bus, 
and when he retired he built MANY things around his home for his loved ones. 
From Adirondack chairs, to bird perches, little trucks, 
which I also received, 
and so many little things that I can't even recollect :) 

He has since passed away, 
but this special chair has been in our home since.

I love the extra special touches he added to it!

It is hard to believe it has been 10 years since I received it from him!!!!!

It has been very loved and has been sat in by both my youngest children quite often. 

The little rug seat was just not cutting it, it was time for a change...

I think I kept it the way he made it because I thought it was cute, 
not anymore :)

I wanted to paint it but my daughter liked the "antiqued" look to it 
and the original paint strokes made by my late Pap Pap...

I added some extra padding for comfort and them stapled some fabric that had once been a curtain to it. 

I love taking something that was once something else and turning it in to something else as something "new"!!!

  Check out the before and After pictured below and let me know what you think.

Do you have something special in your home that could use a little love?!
 I hope I have inspired you to add your own special touch and renew something you love!! 

Be inspired and peace be with you :)

Jamie Leigh