Tuesday, April 30, 2013

Tree house Painting

This past weekend I had the pleasure of painting my cousins childhood playhouse.  
He has since grown up and moved on to bigger and better things and no longer plays in it.  
However his nieces and nephews do and it needed a little sprucing up!

The playhouse previously had walls and a door, like a little house...
 I don't have a before pic, but you can imagine it was a little closed in and HOT in the summertime, especially in Georgia! 

Here is how it looked when I arrived, 
they had already done the demolition work all I needed to do was paint it!

My uncle built a climbing wall, which will be stained once it weathers
and the knobs will be painted also! 
(more pics to come)

Here it is after the first day of work.....

Here is the completed paint job!!! 
I love how it turned out!!

The ceiling is my favorite part,  the little skylight and the red rafters!!! 
 I am so inspired to build a tree house after doing this job, stay tuned..... 

So much brighter!!

Next the climbing wall will be stained and the knobs will be painted......
more pics to come!