Wednesday, November 6, 2013

Newly Inspired Short Ruffle Aprons

 I was recently inspired to mix it up a little bit with the colors of my aprons!!

Thank you Malena for being such an inspiration...

As I have said before MOST of the fabrics that I use were given to me!  
With these new aprons, 
I bought most of the fabric, fabrics I was inspired to work with, mixed with a few fabrics that were given to me as well!!!

Here are a few completed ones...

If you are interested in any of the aprons above as a gift for a loved one, 
please let me know,  they are $25 each.


I made these aprons this past winter as gifts for new homes, 
birthdays, and just because!

Here are our new baby kittens,  they love to play on the corn hole game!!!

Thursday, October 17, 2013

Empty Nest Redecorated Part 3

Yesterday, I posted the 1st and 2nd part of the Empty Nest Redecorated.

Here is the completed nest...notice the little bird hanging on the light fixture chain, he matches the ones in the curtains!!!
I found it quite ironic that she decorated with birds, I don't think it was a coincidence!

I have been enjoying this beautiful fall weather,
windows are opened and leaves are falling.

I will be returning to this home for another project in the future,  stay tuned.....

Let's take another look at the transformation!!!

Wednesday, October 16, 2013

Empty Nest Redecorated Part 2

Once I finished painting all the walls
 I was ready to get started on the crown molding, doors, windows 
and everything else that was wood!

Before & After

After I completed painting the walls and the crown molding and most of the woodwork,  
my aunt continued by painting the fireplace, the shelves and ALL the cabinet doors!!!!!

She couldn't wait to start decorating, 
she painted a blessing above the kitchen and she even made new curtains AND hung them!!!

Now it was time to get started on the kitchen cabinets painting.....



She will be painting all the cabinet doors...YEEHAW!!!!!

I will post a completed Empty Nest when I get back over there to take pics!!

Empty Nest Redecorated Part 1

Here is my aunt and uncles home.
They have lived here about 17 years, 
and their 4th child moved to Hollywood a year ago.

...their nest was empty...

They decided after visiting a neighbors home, to have it ALL painted. 
They were over the hunter green her hubs had painted a few years back
and they were over the woodwork...
sooooo they asked me to help paint it ALL!!!

Here is her home from every angle...

 I taped off all the walls and got started.....

Here is the finished paint job on the walls, 
 it went from so dark and hunter green,  to a bright sage green,  
SUCH an improvement!!!

Next, I will post all of the woodwork after I painted it all white!!!!!

Tuesday, June 18, 2013

Bedroom Painting Times Two

This has been quite a busy summer!!

I painted two rooms recently...and it was long overdue.....
One of the rooms used to belonged to her daughter,
who has long since married and moved out and into a home of her own!

Here is how the room looked before.

Very bright yellow, and holes patched everywhere.


She chose a color that she had already painted in the other bedroom and she she knew she already loved it!!
I agree,  it is very calming! 


Then we went on to her bedroom.....

Here it is before we got started painting.

I taped up the walls, trim and windows and got to work :)

I love to paint,  it is so therapeutic!

WOW what a difference it made!!  

Happy Jamie <3