Thursday, May 23, 2013

Kitchen Cabinets Painting

Last weekend I started a kitchen cabinet painting project for a client.
She had an idea in mind and I did my best to make her idea come to fruition!
It was a fun project to work on because I had help along the way, 
she was just about as busy as I was and it REALLY made a BIG difference in the end product!!!

Here is my clients kitchen before and during the process...

 After the first coat of primer, so much brighter already!!

 The backs and fronts painted with the creamy paint that she picked out. 

Now it was time for the stain wash over the surfaces of the cabinets, 
there was a lot of trial and error in this step, 
I had to be patient and accept that NOTHING is perfect!!!  

 I just love the way the stain crept into all the crevices!


Here is the completed kitchen, she LOVED it!!!!!  

Now for the handles to be picked out,  I am looking forward to seeing how it looks after she has completed the kitchen!!!

This project took me 5 days to complete, 
and put me in fantastic shape!!!!!