Monday, April 21, 2014


For about the past year or so,
 I have felt that my creativity was like a boiling pot of water that I kept putting a lid on. 

 I would pull out a sewing, or painting project begin working on it, 
then it would be time for lunch or dinner, and it all had to be put away. 
My creativity was being put on the back burner, 
until the next time I had time to pull it all out again and work on it. Until now.....

I decided enough was enough and I turned my garage parking spot,
into an artist studio!!!
(Needless to say my car is covered in pollen, 
nothing a little hosing off can't fix right?!)

My first projects were my sisters baby blanket and an apron for a friend. 
Then my sewing machine stopped working properly,  off to the repair shop...

Well, that didn't stop me,  I pulled out the canvases and got to work.

Here are my first few pieces after I have removed the lid off my boiling pot of creativity!

It is also a perfect spot for my daughter to use her glitter and playdoh,
no more mess in the kitchen!!

I hope you have a lovely and peaceful day!!

Be Inspired :)